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Why the Kingdom?

Absolute peace and quietness in an enchanted oasis, surrounded by the gentle hills of Tuscan.

250 hectares of uncontaminated nature. With green meadows and centuries-old, lush woods bordering the natural oasis of the Berignone Nature Reserve, 4000 hectares of wild nature.

No noise disturbs the silence of The Kingdom. Outside the bounderies the world is far away. Only the chirping of the birds and the calls of the wild animals that abound in the kingdom.

The perfect place to disclose imagination, and to transform it in creativity in order to achive all that one has conceived.

Innovators and Start-Uppers, Researchers, Painters and Sculptors, Poets and Musicians, Post-Farmers and Inventors. All people who have ideas, who know how to dream and want to accomplish those dreams, will find in the Kingdom the perfect environment and support.


We imagine a magical place, where people respect each other and, above all, respect Nature, Science and Culture.


We want to create this place, we want a beautiful place, green, digital, and inclusive, where people can feel free and express their best.


We always do one thing above all: we help peaople to make their life a good life.

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One Tree For You

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Piero Angela Innovation Campus

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